Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Indian Food in the French Quarter?! What?!! Yup!

While in New Orleans I found an excellent Indian spot. Yes it's true, there is some good a** Indian fare in the French Quarter. I know, I know, Louisiana is not known for Indian but luckily I found this great spot.

Salt & Pepper at 400 Iberville in the French Quarter
has some of the most authentic Indian I have eaten. And I eat on Devon in Chicago regularly. I am well versed in the American versions of Indian food, and this place does it right.

I had the Chicken Masala and it was Monte-riffic! The chicken was juicy, well spiced, and bursting with flavor. The masala sauce and chick peas where perfect. The sauce had the right amount of spice, and a smooth consistency, while the chick peas tasted fresh and had a little bite to em still. This is a must try if yer in the area and lookin for something truly different in the area.

Before I forget, the decor is nothing special, it's just a bunch of uncomfortable benches. But yer not there for the decor, yer there for the food!


Catherine said...

It's always good to know there is a good and authentic indian restaurant in New Orleans :)

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Rajesh Kumar said...

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Monte said...

unfortunately this place is gone... i believe the place there now still serves indian food, or at least it did a few yrs back when i went.

Monte said...

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