Monday, April 4, 2011

The Brown Sack!!! And I'm not talkin bout yer balls!

The Brown Sack in Chicago's Logan Square at 3581 W Belden Ave. has a super tasty Sloppy Joe! First I'd like to mention they have a bevy of other delicious sandwiches, side items, soup, etc. but I am gonna speak to you about the Sloppy Joe.

The Sloppy Joe at The Brown Sack is Monte-riffic! I am usually not one to order a Sloppy Joe, I go for something that seems like I couldn't make at home in 5 min. And a Sloppy Joe just seems like something so easy to make, I never order it. But I had the sandwich here last summer (2010) as part of a foodie bike tour. Which first off I'd like to say something about the bike tour, they took us everywhere I have been going for years, or to a spot where I am friends with the owner of the restaurant. They shoulda paid me to give the freakin tour!!! Anyway, I had the Sloppy Joe as part of the bike tour, and I was instantly impressed. First thing I noticed was that they put cheese on their Joe. That was something I was oddly not familiar with. And I loved it! There is nothing better than a nice melting piece of cheese atop yer sandwich dripping down into the meat itself. So freakin good. And the meat itself has unobtrusive, fresh, pieces of green pepper, and onion that are cooked till they are soft. There is nothing I hate more than large, hard, crunchy, chunks of pepper or onion in my Joe. That sucks! The meat is rich ground beef, full of meaty flavor that you can taste through the sauce. The sauce itself is slightly sweetened, barely sticky, and along with the meat, it is all sandwiched in a toasty bun. Monte-licious!

There is a very comfortable atmosphere in the restaurant which I can appreciate. And they have an outdoor patio in the yard, along a not so busy street. Which is key. I hate outdoor seating on a busy street, or sidewalks where people can walk by and look down on yer food as you eat. Since it is in Logan Square, the not so gentrified part, I say leave nothing of value, visible in yer car. It is no joke.

I also love anywhere where they love Walter Payton, and they/Adam the cool owner loves Walter at The Brown Sack. He was my childhood hero next to my dad. Even though I was a brat to my dad, he was my main guy. Still is. But Walter was my number 2.

Check out The Brown Sack, I think you'll dig it.

They play lots of cool live music there, which I love. And they play lots of Bob Marley, which I do not love.

Before I forget.... They also have stuff for vegetarians, they have salads, peanut butter n jelly sandwiches, they deliver, and they make Shakes & Malts!!

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