Monday, April 11, 2011

Lem's, some of Chicago's finest B-B-Q.

Lem's B-B-Q at 311 e. 75th st in Chicago's very own Greater Grand Crossing hood on the South See-ide! [[Yelled like a gang slogan]] is easily some of Chicago's best place for Ribs, Wings, Links, and Tips. And that ain't no lie.

The ribs come as either center cut, which has almost no fat, or the end cut, which has some fat. You wanna get the end cut, the fat is where the flavor is at yo! And they come served old school, or as my buddy said "These are prison style," in a basket, atop a pile of fries, topped off with two slices of white bread. Monte-licious!! These are meaty, chewable ribs, definitely not fall off the bone. And even though I prefer fall off the bone, these ribs are so meaty and delicious, that I love chewing into them and ripping the meat off into my mouth. It makes me feel like an animal, like I hunted the meat myself. The sauce is slabbed on with a paint brush, and is a sweet, vinegar sauce that is sure to make you sweat. They also have a spicy sauce if ya like. In the photos I have the center cut, which is the meatier rib, and has no fat. Next time I will be getting the end cut.

The wings are superb as well, and they too are served prison style. In a basket, atop a pile of fries, smothered in vinegar sauce, topped off by two pieces of white bread. These wings are larger than yer usual bar wings by almost double. They are fried to perfection, nice and crunchy with a soft meaty chicken on the inside. And topped off with a mild vinegar sauce, you can not go wrong. Unless of course you have a heart condition, then eating here may be the wring thing for you to do.

The neighborhood isn't terrible, but at night, it's not the safest area to be in. Even Lem's serves the food through hole beneath the cash register, and everything is behind bullet proof glass. Yeah, go during the day. They don't open till 2 p.m. though, and that is probably the safest time to go.

Lem's is Monte-riffic and worth the drive for sure.

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