Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bacon, Bacon, and Meatloaf!

This place does not need my support, they do well on their own. But this one is for my moms, and all my bacon lovers out there. I am at Publican in Chicago. Publican is located at 837 W. Fulton Market, and is way over priced, but delicious. But waaaaaay over priced. But extremely Monte-licious! The bacon alone is so good I would go back just for that. Pictured above is the Meatloaf sandwich topped with an egg and a side of beans. The meatloaf was tender, juicy, and flavorful. It had a nice meaty, generously spiced flavor. It was really terrific! The side of beans was nothing special, and I finished them because they were more expensive than several cans of beans alone. I felt obligated. And they're meats come from locally sourced butchers, which I love! But hate paying a high tax because of it.

This is the bacon at Publican. Look at that! Seriously, just stare at it for a while. Back? Good. It's about an inch thick or so, and tender as a piece of warm butter. This bacon was meaty, a pinch sweet, and ridiculously Monte-licious! I have never had bacon this good anywhere in my life, from anywhere on this great big green and blue planet of ours! If I had an opportunity to try an make love to a super model, I would try to appease her with this bacon. It is that freakin good!

My wife got a waste of calories salad. It looked and smelled good, but c'mon! Look at that bacon again.

It is all about the bacon my friends. And yer hero knows how to do it right! I love you!

Go just for the bacon. Just for the BACON!