Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eggs, pourable and shredded cheese atoppa fries?? What? Oh yes!

Does this look prettier than yer baby? If yer answer is No, leave me, my page, my life, everything... Stat!

This is a divine meal, a meal meant to be enjoyed by royalty! Luckily I found it in a somewhat dumpyish bar.

What is it all? If ya can't tell, it's 2 sunny side up eggs atop pourable& shredded cheese, atop french fries! So freakin' Monte-licious!! Unfortunately I had to share these with my wife, but I ate the lions share. It's how I roll! All class!

Look at me go!

I always do it right!

I am proud to be yer hero.

Here is the place... The Irish Mill! 26592 N Il Rt 83
Mundelein, IL 60060 It's a drive, but it is worth it. Plus there is good hiking in the area. Bring the kids out, make it a day.
Outside seating on a huge wrap around deck. I didn't take any interior pics. but it's yer basic bar with T.V's and they smoke indoors still. That stinks, but ya go outside is all. Unless it's winter, then ya just call the cops. ; ) Just kidding.

You can play bags!

Look at yer surroundings if you weer to sit and eat or drink outside. Beautiful!

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yesjessica said...

Wow. That looks good.