Sunday, September 9, 2007


Good evening Ladies and Gents,

I'm Anne, Monte's girlfriend. I thought I'd start him off in this lovely blog.

Monte lives for food. He's a comedian, actor, painter, photographer and much more. He loves me and he loves food. Starting in October he'll be performing at the Lincoln Lodge.

During his show, Monte will tell you about three of his favorite places to eat in this wonderful city we call "Chicago." These are probably not places you've been before. He mostly focuses on greasy little joints that are hidden out west or don't look so great from the outside. His show includes a montage of slides that he uses to show you around the restaurant and you even get to watch him eat his meal. As a bonus, he serves everyone in the audience a bit of food from one of the places that he talked about. Its a great show, and its sure to please.

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