Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Burt's Place is the place!!!!!

spot: Burt’s Place
address/info.: 8541 N. Ferris Ave. (in Morton Grove) 1-847-965-7997
food type: Pizza!!!!!!
neighborhood: Morton Grove, a suburb of the great city of CHICAGO!!!

Burt’s Place (Pizza) in Morton Grove is the place!!!!

If you don’t know about Burt’s, well, it’s time you do.
Burt himself has a long history of being a pizza guy. He owned and operated some of the areas most favorite and popular pizza spots; “The Inferno,” “Gulliver’s,” and he was the original owner of “Pequods!” Yes, this man has a history of being involved in, and creating some of the more reputable places in town.
So I ask you, why would you ever go to any of his former spots, where he is no longer affiliated, when you can go right to the man himself? You wouldn’t!!!!
Go to Burt’s!!!
This man has been making some of the best, crunchiest, sauciest, pan pizzas since the year I was born! 1971!!! And man does he do it right. Especially with the help of his wife, Sharon, she single handedly runs the front, she’s the only server. And serve you she will. At Burt’s, the pizza doesn’t come to yer table, no, no, no, they sit it at a table next to you, where all the pizzas rest, and she serves it to you one delicious slice at a time.
The pizza itself is a not to thick pan pizza. Burt makes it just right, not to thick and doughy, and not to thin to lose the crunch from the sauce n’ cheese. And the sauce is just right, and is the perfect compliment to the nice layer of cheese it sits on top of. I get sausage and pepperoni, and man…. Is it freakin “Monte-licious!”
One important thing you need to know, actually there are two things; no credit cards, and you must call ahead and place yer order. That’s how they roll at Burt’s. And believe me, it’s just better that way. You show up and yer pizza is usually waiting for you, or is just coming out of the oven. This is especially great if yer doin it for lunch during work hours, saves you some time.
So check out “Burt’s Place,” call ahead, don’t bring a credit card, and they’re not open on Monday or Tuesday.

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