Monday, March 15, 2010

Monto At "Muskie's!"

Come see the live show April 8th. & 9th. 2010 at "The Lincoln Lodge" 4008 N. Lincoln Ave. $10 R.S.V.P. 1-773-251-1539

As always, a "Free" sample of food from one of the nights featured spots!!

this is a comedy "foodie" slide show. it is mostly adult themed, but if see youngsters in the crowd, i tone it down a bit. just a bit though.


Monte said...

it's "pour-able" cheese, not "horrible," it's delicious!!!!

Richard said...

Zepplin in the background while Monte is chewing and looking at the camera is nice and creepy :-)

Further From The Truth said...

Great Burger. The owner is an arrogant asshole.

Monte said...

c'mon! his name's don johnson!!! how can you dislike him?
he seems ok to me, but i've never really spoken to him to much.