Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Filipino Tocino is where it’s at!

spot: Uncle Mike’s
address/info.: 1700 West Grand Avenue (312) 226-5318
neighborhood: Ukrainian Village
food type: American with some Filipino dishes

Filipino Tocino is where it’s at!

Uncle Mikes serves a breakfast that has few competitors; The Filipino Tocino! Yo! Filipino Tocino is a sweet pork dish from the Philippines that is usually served with breakfast. Basically what it is, is a sweetened, cured pork. It’s kinda like ham or it also comes kinda like sausage links, but it’s a red or pink and it’s sweet & sticky. It is “Monte-licious!”
Uncle Mike’s so far, is the only place I know of that serves it. And man do they serve it up! I suggest you get the combo, this way you get both cuts/forms of the meat. You get the ham slices and the sausage links., and you get a little more meat for yer dollar. It comes with garlic-seasoned rice, two eggs and toast. They also serve it with a bowl of Filipino rice n chicken soup and some free tea. You really get a lot of food with this one meal. And like I said before, it really is “Monte-licious!”
They also serve an excellent skirt steak & eggs at Uncle Mike’s, but the “Filipino Tocino is just too damn good to pass up when I go there. I’m afraid I may never eat the steak & eggs there again. Oh no!
So get out to Uncle Mikes and Filipino it up!!!
Oh, I almost forget, Uncle Mike’s is not typically a Filipino restaurant. It’s serves yer basic American breakfast and lunch food, but luckily, due to an attractive Filipino wife, Uncle mike’s has added some Filipino specialties to the chalkboard menu that you always need to look out for when dining there. You never know just what type of spicy dish yer gonna get.

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Norwegian Nierling said...

I drive by there all the time. Let's eat!