Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Bongo Room for breakfast. Remember Congo Bongo on Atari 5200?

The Bongo Room in Wicker Park at 1740 N. Milwaukee Ave. Serves up a Monte-licious breakfast, and on of my recent faves.... The BLT Benedict with a pesto hollandaise sauce is delicious. They use spinach, and bacon, topped by a wonderfully monte-riffic poached egg, and that pesto hollandaise sauce... it makes the meal. It comes served with triangled , seasoned red potatoes, get em well done, which are very tasty, and the english muffin is good.

One of my favorite things about the meal was, I took half home, and reheated it the next day in my counter top convection oven... it was so goooood! Even the next day. Keep in mind I said convection oven, and not microwave. Microwaves ruin everything, don't use em.

The place is definitely expensive, they charge over $3 for a small OJ that is no more than maybe 3 shot glasses worth of product. And the meals themselves are pricey, but, and this is important, for the meal, it's totally worth it. Completely. Skip the drinks. The service is good, and there are a lot of cute girls there. And the ladies will probably like the boys there.

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