Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sick Steak Tacos!! Sick!!

Sol De Mexico at 3018 N. Cicero Ave. in Chicago's Cragin neighborhood has some of the absolute tastiest, most Monte-licious steak tacos I have eatin in a loooong time!! Plus they come with this amazing sauce of sour cream and stewed/grilled onions. I had it on the side due to my freakin lactose intolerance, but I ate it all, and I paid for it later trust me.

They also make their own tortilla shells, this to me is top notch. So check it out, but be prepared for a more inflated tab vs. most other places. You are gonna pay for the quality here, believe me. Oh, don't keep anything visible in yer car that has any value. It's not the worst eighborhood, but I have my car broken into before in the area, but not at the restaurant itself. Just watch yer belongings over there is all I'm sayin.

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Anonymous said...

i am so far behind. i need to post about this one soon!