Monday, July 29, 2013

Excellent breakfast/brunch atta bar? Yup!! And it's right offa the Blue Line.

I used think bar food was meant to be low-down, dirty and greasy, but that was in the old days! Today some of the best chefs end up working at bars and making ridiculously amazing food. And Township (2200 N. California) in Chicago's Logan Square hood is exactly one of those bars with a great chef and crew! Tamiz is the head chef and add's a middle eastern influence (Indian) to the food that really makes it unique and delicious. Like the Saag Paneer Scramble pictured above. That's Eggs, Spinach, Paneer (Indian cheese), Almond Sauce,
Spicy Potato Cake, Two Pooris (pooris are the puffy fried dough things, they are awesome!) and a cup of fruit. So freakin Monte-licious! 

And here^^^ we have the Steak Benedict, along with the spicy cake potato, which I wanna mention tastes like a Samosa minus the bread shell. I love that potato so much, I wish it was bigger though. Back to the benny: Skirt steak atop spinach, atop gluten free bread and topped with a poached egg and a delicious curried hollandaise sauce! You are  gonna love this!

I also wanna mention that these are the brunch items, the lunch and dinner menu is fantastic as well! The turkey pannini is killer! Burger too! If ya like seasoned fries, you will like their fries. But ya gotta like seasoned fries! Township also has a lot of gluten free and vegan options to choose from if yer looking for that!

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