Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stall 16 a.k.a Shopsin's, a fine diner in New York.

In the Essex Street Market, stall 16 at 120 Essex St. in New York holds one of the most unique and delicious diners I have ever encountered... SHOPSIN'S! This place is full of character, good food and the longest menu (pictured below) that I have ever laid my eyes on. But all the hooey aside, the food, the real hero, is Monte-licious! And it's all they will let you photograph. I coulda swiped a few pics of the interior which is a 4 table (2 top) spot with 2 bar seats and 1 bench but the waiter, a fellow metal head, was super cool and I had to respect their wishes. But the place is sorta like a hoarders apartment with a lot of nick-nacks, pennant flags, etc. Back to the food! There are literally so many items on the menu I became overwhelmed and went something had a little bit of everything I like... So I had a sandwich where the bun is potato pancakes with an interior of eggs, bacon, and cheese. It was so good that I have dreams about it. Pictured above was my wife's meal, she had two breaded and fried pieces of corn bread with fried chicken, it was also extremely Monte-licious!!

Here is my sandwich in all it's glory..... Potato pancakes, scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon. 

A nice close-up.

Under the hood after a bite.

Gettin ready to take it down.

Takin it down! look at me go!

I am so focused...

..like a champ, I am makin it disappear. 

All gone!

I had to take this back to the hotel, but then I ate it as I walked away from the spot.

The place is pricey mc dicey, but in my opinion it is worth it. I couldn't afford to go regularly but every now and again is perfect. I also wanna mention the cool waiter plays heavy metal when it's a little less crowded, that is cool.

Here is the menu, side 1...

side 2.

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