Friday, November 15, 2013

Need an inspiring meal? Try Inspiration Kitchens...

I did and I loved it! Inspiration Kitchens are a Chicago based restaurant that employs homeless and is also a training center for chefs. You get a great meal for a decent price and you can feel good about where your money is going... You are sometimes helping someone pay for a room for the night.

They have 2 locations in the city, I ate the Uptown location: 4715 N. Sheridan. I went there cause Tweet, a place I love was packed. But what a fortunate turnout for me. The other location is: 3504 W. Lake St. (Garfield Park).

Well, let's get to the food, that's really what we're here for. I had the The Whole Pig Breakfast Skillet and this is what this delight has in it:
Braised pork, bacon, ham, caramelized onions and potatoes topped with two sunny eggs and barbeque sauce.
Just look at that! Seriously, look at it.

I bust the egg open atop it so the yolk can smother into the meat and potatoes, that's how to do it properly. 

Oh yeah, look at me. I am so serious. Seriously ready. 


Shovin it in like a good boy.

Got it all in like the champ that I am!

And when it's good it is gone! See ya!

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