Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some of the best Fish Tacos not just in Chicago, anywhere. And great steak tacos too!

L' Patron  at 2815 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 (773) 252-6335 is easily one of my favorite taco spots. And not just in Chicago, anywhere. And yes, Chicago has spots as good if not better than L.A., Mexico, New Mexico, Arizona, anywhere. Chicago has some of thee best Mexican food on the planet. And I have eaten tacos from all the locations I mentioned and then some. That being said, this spot has my favorite fish taco and one of my favorite steak tacos. Too many great steak taco spots in Chicago to choose one, but this is one of the best! I will be featuring the fish taco, which is a Baja style fish taco: fried tilapia with spicy shredded cabbage in a spicy aioli and pico de gallo, I skip the pico. And they have a Carne Asada Steak Taco and a Lomo Steak Taco, I am featuring the Lomo Steak taco:  beef tenderloin or ribeye steak smothered/stewed in onions and served in a corn tortilla. Easily one of the best steak tacos when it's done right, and they do it right at L Patron. 
Here is the menu, they shoulda let me take the pics. 

This is the seating, there really is none. That jerk drinkin from the white syrofoam cup wearing glasses is my good friend Vinny. He is known as The Bulldog. 

The Horchata, and random other sweet drinks that get rotated for new flavors. But the Horchata never leaves, it's always there and always delicious. Horchata is a sweet drink also called rice water. It does have dairy in it, condensed milk. It has the flavor of cinnamon and vanilla, it is so good and refreshing.

The Lomo Taco! OH. NO!! It usually come with raw onions atop of it and cilantro but I hate raw onions and I don't really like cilantro. I know, I know, what kind of fan of Mexican food am I? Forgive me, please! Anyway, look at that thing^^^^. So freakin beautiful, and tender, and meaty, and lettuce, and corny.... and you get the point! Chunks of beef stewed in onions on a soft tortilla with some cool crisp romaine atop of it, that is a balanced meal my friends. Sorta. 

Look at me, whatta jerk. A jerk about to enjoy the heck outta this taco...

Oh yes!! Look at me go...

I am goin right to my happy place! So stink in Monte-licious! You have got to try the Lomo Taco if you are a meat eater!! 

Oh brother, this guy^^^. I never liked fish tacos until I had em from here, seriously. Well, I only like the Baja Style and not to many places do it right, but this place hits the bulls eye on the Baja Style 100%! Like I mentioned before, that is fried Tilapia smothered in a spicy aioli and a spicy shredded cabbage. It also come with pico de gallo but I hate that sh*t. The fish is crispy on the outside and light & flaky on the inside. A nice mild whitefish goes well with the spice from the aioli, it's really a perfect combo in my professional opinion. Ha, I am a professional... Get that!

Takin this bad boy down into the gullet like a good boy. 

My dad always said, "if it's good, it's gone."

And this fish taco is gone! And so am I. 


Bill Dykes said...

You, sir, are a well spring of culinary information! Bravo, I say!

Monte said...

thank you, bill! 'preciate it!