Monday, April 19, 2010

The "HORSESHOE!!!!" said the singer in a death metal band. scream it!!!

The “Horseshoe” at the Sunrise Café

The “Horseshoe,” an amazing piece of eaterie! The Horseshoe is toast, covered with yer choice of meat (ham, bacon, hamburger, turkey, etc.), then covered by hot pourable cheddar cheese, finally, it is topped off with fries. You can get the breakfast Horseshoe which is basically the same, except then you switch the cheese with biscuits & gravy gravy, and instead of fries, hash browns.
I never had a Horseshoe before until last night (April 18, 2010), and it has immediately become one of my favorite things to eat. The wonderful combination of bread, meats and melted cheeses, all topped by fries is a no brainer! It’s amost worth moving to the states capital. You really get an amazing taste sensation in yer mouth with every bite.

Melted cheese on top of anything is pretty much gonna be good. It’s almost like turning any food into a huge plate of nachos, but not really. It’s so freakin’ good!!!
The Horseshoe really is a fantastic food, and from what I know it is only served up in this central/southern part of Illinois. So next time yer in, or around the capital of Illinois, Springfield, stop somewhere, anywhere and try a Horseshoe! They are absolutely “Monte-licious!”

A few things about the “Sunrise Café;” I heard a commercial for a “Deep Fried” Horseshoe, then I was recommended to go and try one by one of the customers later, I heard every kind of music in there from hip – hop to rock n’ roll being played over the speakers, which I loved, everyone seemed to have tattoo’s on their hands or wrists, everyone was friendly and eager to tell us where to get the best Horseshoe in town and not one person, not even the employee’s named the place we were in!! but it was amazing at The Sunrise Café. And finally, I can’t wait to head out and some more Horseshoe’s today, which I will be doin’ very shortly!

Bon appetite!

Oh jeez!!! I almost forgot to tell you about the desserts at the Sunrise Café. Yes, they have some amazing sweets; they have homemade pies, and cakes. I got a piece of cake last night and my buddy got pie, we both agreed, excellent!!!!!!!

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