Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Waiting in line is for Ding-Dongs!!!

I said it, "Waiting in a long line at a restaurant is for DING-DONGS!!!" I see all these people waiting in line blocks long at hot dog stands for Christs sake!!! Hot Dog Stands!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!!!!

People, we live in Chicago, currently the third most populated state in America. Plus, potentially one of the greatest "foodie" cities in the free world!!! That is not debatable. You can walk a block or two and find another great spot in just minutes. But no, "Ding-Dongs" will wait.

I mean no discredit to a single one of the establishments that has these long lines, I have been to most, and love em'! But I will not wait more than 15 minutes and neither should you.

Every spot you love has a down time, a brief period, like on the Kennedy, when it is wide open, and you can eat/speed to yer hearts delight with no worries of waiting, or interfering with to many other people. I know, this is when I go to these places, during their down times. My advice... get there 15 min. before they open, that is usually the best way to do it, or hit it right after the lunch rush. I suggest just after 2 or 2:30 in the afternoon. And if yer doin dinner, try to make reservations, or do an early dinner. Any time usually before 6 or 6:15 is best.

Ultimately if you like to wait on line for minutes that turn into hours for a hot dog, burger, or a taco... well, that's on you, but just know, you don't have to.

When you see a long line, it's time o explore. That's what makes this city so great, so many options! There are over 22,000 places to eat in Chicago, trust me, you can find a new great place that serves sausage in a bun, or beef on a roll.

And by all means, frequent the places with the long lines, but if you hate to wait, follow my tips and you'll end up using yer time more wisely. you can sit at home and take ten minutes to construct one sentence in a blog for fear of peoples harsh opinions.

Get outta line!!!!!!

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