Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What the?!! I can't believe the food is a as good as the waitresses are HOT!!!

Spot: Pancho Pistolas
Address: 700 W. 31st. Street (south side!)
Neighborhood: safe
Food type: Mexican

What the...

As soon as I walked into Panchos Pistolas I was like, what the...? It's pretty much all super hot woman workin' up-front. And I do mean smokin’ hot! The women here shame the Hooters women, shame! They were so hot, my first thought was, “No way can the food be good here look at all the hot chicks and the cheesy decorating".
So I ordered my basic starter for a new spot, my test food sorta speak. I got two steak tacos, only lettuce. Yes, only lettuce. I like to scale it down a little sometimes so I can really taste whether the meat is good or not. Any way, Pancho's meat passed with flying colors, it was Monte-riffic! The food is as good as the woman look. It was real nice charbroiled skirt steak that was perfectly butchered: no fatty krap and it’s not chewy. Plus, I also ordered a “Horchata” cause no Mexican restaurant is worth eating at if they don't have good “Horchata” and their “horchata” is great.
Since then I have been back several times and not once have I been disappointed. The pastor (marinated pork) is perfect. It's the kind on a spit that has been cooking all day in its own wonderful juices. And the chorizo is great.
The food at Pancho's is so good you'll want to hug me. Oh! And another great thing is: Freddies Beef is right across the street, which is very Monte-riffic!
Two people can easily eat a good hearty meal (minus the
alcohol, did i mention they serve booze?) For under $25 - $20. Now you know where to go for a good meal at a good deal.
You've just stepped “Off the Eatin' Path with Monte”. “Buenos Dias”

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