Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1/2 Chicken Dinner for $5.75?! Whatta a steal deal!!!

Broilers Flip at 6009 West Montrose Avenue
in The Portage Park/Dunning Neighborhood serves up a Half Roasted Chicken Dinner for $5.75!! It actually was just $5.25 but they raised the prices. Meh.

Not only do you get a half chicken, but you get potato wedges that have been seasoned with spices and herbs. The potatoes are also very soft, and slightly juicy from the light vinegar, and oil juice they sit in. This meal also comes with rice, and a cole slaw that is delicious, fresh and crunchy. And it comes with garlic bread that it super crisp and flat. All for $5.75!!

The chicken is a juicy, succulent rotisserie chicken that is prepared a little earlier, and thrown onto a char grill to heat it up to be served. It has that rotisserie juiciness, with that char grilled exterior... So freakin "Monte-licious!"

And all for only $5.75!! A halfa chicken yo!

The place has a parking lot too, free parking. It is connected to a mechanics auto garage. The reason I mention this is because the bathroom, the mens room that is, smells like the mens room in a garage. You smell the grudge from the garage in the bathroom. But only there, you wouldn't even know if ya didn't go in, or I didn't just tell you. And no cute girls work there. Not a one. Beh.

They have other great items too, and everything is prepared on a char grill. They have chilli with tamales in it. Kinda gross. But the burgers, hot dogs, etc. Excellent.

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