Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pleasant House Bakery in Bridgeport for Meat Pies!!!

Pleasant House Bakery in Bridgeport, Home of the Royal Pies is on Chicago's south side, at 964 W. 31st. pl. And is a Meat Pie heaven! They also make sandwiches, and do a Friday Fish Fry.

Before I get into things, let me start by saying that most everything in the bakery is made fresh, in house. Things don't come from a box or out of a plastic bag. Most everything is local, organic, and from a nearby farm. The food here is prepared and made daily with a passion and love for the food product. They make their own sauces, puff pastry dough, fries, and even two different kinds of sodas. This is truly an upstart of a ma & pa place, but the owners have no children, so I guess it's more of hubby n wifey spot.

A meat pie is a savory vs. a sweet pie. And it comes in flaky, crusty puff pastry dough. And at Pleasant House Bakery they do it right.

So far I have had the Chicken Balti Pie which is tender chunks of white chicken meat stewed in curried tomato sauce then baked in a wonderfully light and flaky pastry pie. So freakin delicious!!! It is served with a side of Chutney sauce. chutney is a condiment like ketchup or mustard but this a traditional Indian condiment, and can be spicy, or vinegary, but not here. It is a mild sauce, with a cilantro flavor to it, and it is just full of rich flavor and deliciousness. Give it a try.

I also had the Steak Pasty, which is cubed skirt steak with rutabaga, onion, and potato all in a wonderful, flaky puff pastry. So it's light n flaky on the outside, and meat and potatoey on the inside. "Monte-licious!!!"

Give this place a try, it is worth the drive to Bridgeport. Realistically, it's not really that far anyway.


contact said...

I can't take how amazing that looks and how far away from me it is. i wonder if they would ship to me?

our shop said...

oh, that was me, K.K., that posted the above comment, Monte.