Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baconfest Chicago 2009, PIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it!!!!

Bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fest!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today my wife and I went to the first ever Baconfest! And as you can imagine, it was pig lovers paradise!! The deal was that every dish served had to be completely based around bacon, and who doesn't love that? Don't answer if ya don't, cause I don't wanna know. Anyway, it was sensational! There were so many fantastic dishes, and amazing taste explosions, and so many things to list. But since I am lazy, I am going to ask that you click on the top pic., the baconfest form, check it out. It has the complete menu for the day. It will knock yer socks off. Now on with the rest of the event.

We met a lot of really cool people, due to the fact that it was standing room only. Which may sound uncomfortable for a foodie event, but it was perfect. They had around a dozen or more little round tables set up, and there were no seats, so every one forced to be on their feet and move through space. It was a mingle-rs paradise. Different people kept moving in and out of our table, and with each new guest we shared the joy of conversation. It was amazing for that alone. Then the food!! Ridiculous!!! Everything was excellent!!! And I truly mean that. We had to vote for our favorite on the Baconfest form, but honestly, there wasn't a weak link in the bunch. I would go into a battle with any one of the meals served today at the event. We even met a few of the gents and woman running the event (Seth Zurer being one of the gents), and they were a pleasure to speak with. As well, we met Gary, and Ron from: they were super cool. And check out their site if yer in Chicago, their site is excellent for any foodie. One of the greatest treats of the day though was reconnecting with an old friend Chuck Sudo. This is a gentleman I grew up with as a child and have not seen for a while, and it was great to see him today. Love ya' Chuck! Well, I didn't write a lot about the bacon, but I hope I set the experience up for ya, cause it was a great one, and I can't wait for the next one.
I forgot to mention the gift bag, that is my last pic. in the blog here, it is a shot of all of the goodies we got to take home with us, check out all that stuff. Amazing gift bag. Amazing! And tons of beautiful woman were there from young to cougar. Thank you Seth and everyone from the fest. Finally, the only thing that could have made it just a pinch more perfect, someone grabbing their chest at the event. You NEED a heart attack at a Baconfest yo! And I forgot to mention, no XXl shirts!!! Xl was the largest! At a Baconfest? Come on fellas!!! XXl shoulda been the smallest.


Cecile-Anne said...

Hi Monte, It was great meeting you and your lovely wife. Thanks for letting me share the table!

Theresa said...

it was great meeting you too!!! maybe we'll see you at the next one? or one of my shows? send me yer email if ya like.

Theresa said...

it's monte not theresa, i'm on my mom's computer.