Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The best meal I had in Amsterdam not attached to a “red” light is now in Chicago!

Spot: pannenkoeken (dutch pancake)
Food type: from the Netherlands, whatever you would call that, that’s what the type is.
Adreess/info.: 4757 N. Western/773-769-8800
Neighborhood: Lincoln Square, near where Blagojevich lives!

“The best meal I had in Amsterdam not attached to a “red” light is now in Chicago!”

Pannenkoeken, which basically means pancake, is excellent for a heavy duty breakfast. The deal is, this place makes dutch pancakes. Dutch pancakes are a thinner, yet larger pancake, and they’re covered with more than just syrup and other sweets. I actually had these in Amsterdam while there on vacation in 2003. I was there for completely ho-fess…, I mean, professional reasons, of course. ; ) For me, when I go there, I get the bacon & cheese. This is a massive dutch pancake… oh, these pancakes are baked too, instead of being pan fried. So it’s a little healthier, but maybe not. I don’t really know. Anyway, the pancake is huge, larger than the plate it’s on, and I get it with bacon (labeled “high quality on the menu), which they lay atop the pancake. And each (4) piece of bacon is covered with havarti cheese, which is melted onto the bacon. It is so freakin good, I would still eat it even if it fell on a floor in a prison. It is that “monte-licious!” I really haven’t had anything else there yet to be honest, but I have had this pancake several times. And I can’t, not order it when I am there. still. Sometimes I get that way, I find something I like, and I order for a loooong time before I change it up. And when the bacon and cheese is all gone, ya finish the rest of the pancake off with some syrup. You get yer salt, and sweet, in one meal. Perfect food marriage. And it’s all fer breakfast!!! Talk about a breakfast of champions. This place is definitely worth checkin out if you haven’t. And the sign says “breakfast, 6 a.m.”, but they don’t open till 7 a.m. during the week, and 8 a.m. on the weekends. Freakin dutch! Actually, I don’t think one person working there is from the Netherlands. The place is very small, it feels like a N.Y. restaurant, it’s that small. The bathroom is not crap worthy, way to small for that call. Also, there is a real cute waitress that works there, with big brown eyes. and finally, the prices are considerable inexpensive when you see how big the pancake is. See ya there.

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