Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Gallows" a punk band from the U.K. These are some cool videos, worth watching. Maybe.

The actual sound on these videos is terrible!!! The sound at the club is great, but my camera does not record live concert sound well at all. Let me explain the videos: "First song, first fight" is a fight that broke out during the bands first song. The fight was between some dude connected with one of the opening acts, and the "Gallows" (headlining band). The fight was fast and furious, and no one got hurt. "Girl flip" is worth watching for some excellent slam dancing, plus a girl does an excellent flip right before a huge mosh pit breaks out. "Last song, last fight" is just that. The last song from the band "Gallows" and there is a fight. Punk not dead!!!!!!!!! Also, there is a huge sign when you walk into Reggie's Rock Club, which states: no moshing, slamming, etc. that seemed to not be seen by anyone, including the staff at Reggie's. Oh, I almost forgot, right at the very beginning of the show, I asked my friend Mark, "Do you think there's gonna be a pit?" he said, very confidentially "No". As soon as the first chord was struck, I mean immediately as the first chord was struck, me and my buddy Mark were hit, and slammed into the wall by the pit. Immediately!

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