Sunday, October 18, 2009

"nuevo leon peeps!!!" you gotta love it!!!

Spot: Nuevo leon
Food type: Mexican/my fave.
neighborhood: pilsens yo!!! out on the souff side!! (said like gang slogan)
address/info.: 1515 w. 18th. st. 312-421-1517/312-563-0828

"a meal so good, i ate it on the hood of my car"

this is one of my all time favorite places to eat. truly a Chicago treasure. since i go here with some regularity, i believe i have never had a bad meal and recommend you try anything and everything on the menu. but i am gonna tell you about the nachos . so first the nachos, the main thing i recommend at nuevo leon. even though they have fantastic meals, and i have to recommend this appetizer. i have always loved/hated nachos. love the taste, hate the mess. so i stopped eatin 'em years ago, they're to damn frustrating. until i had 'em at nuevo leon. i actually saw 'em at another table, and i was like: "uh-uh, i did not just see that" it was like i saw a unicorn. each chip was individually dressed with all the fixins. really!! each chip! all of 'em covered with their own layer of melted cheese, beans, sour cream, and a guacamole whip. they are easily the best, most easiest, and tastiest nachos i have ever had.
the other i wanna push are the tortilla shells, fresh made daily! yes. very few places in the city do this anymore, but this is one of the places that does. you can't beat fresh, in house made tortilla shells. "Monte-licious!"

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fredericknchgo said...

One of my favorite places....Great Choice.....I like your writing.

fred -