Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Patty's Diner!" Where ya gotta watch what yer charged, but the food is great!

spot: Patty's Diner
food type: American Diner
address/info.: 3358 W. Main St. / closed Mondays and only open till like 3 or 4
neighborhood: it's Skokie, so it's pretty nice

"Nothing could be finer than eating at Patty's diner" (until she chisels you consistently out of money)

Patty's diner is one of my all time favorite breakfast spots. I have been goin there fer years for the Ham Hash, which is ham off the bone, onions, hashbrowns, and lots of pepper fried up together topped with an egg and a homemade bun. I actually discovered Patty's while I was a driver for an escort service, yes, I drove ladies of night for a short time. Boy do I miss that job! ; )

But that's not what I'm tellin you about today. After having only the breakfast for years, I decided to try a burger one day. And Holy Sh*t was it great!!! I couldn't believe it.

The burger is huge, which usually I don't like, but here, it's great! It's char grilled, and nothing tastes better than food on a char grill to me. The fries are fresh cut, and the bun is also made in house. She bakes her own bread!!!!! While grilling the burger, she repeatedly coats it in margarine, which makes all firey like the "Human Torch". Cool! I actually thought it was butter, but that's to flammable I for the grill I was told. And this is easily one of the tastiest burgers I have ever eatin'. It's "Monte-licious!"

But be careful, the prices are subject to change instantly somehow. The burger on the menu is $6.75, but I was consistently charged $9.00. I never even noticed the fact that she was chiseling me fer years. But recently I actually decided to look at the menu, and so I was being overcharged. I called it out to her waitress, and she just kinda folded and deferred it to Patty. I let it go, and haven't been back since. But the food is good, and you should go. Just watch what she charges you! And tell her Monte sent ya'.

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