Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello to everyone who just discovered my blog from the tribune!! Chicago is the #1 food city in America!!!! Hands down!

If you missed the article today in the Trib:,0,3458716.story

thanks to everyone and anyone who is checkin out my blog. i eat for you. ...well, me too. but i do it fer all of us. chicago is easily the number one food city in america. hands down. my proof: every other big city (n.y., l.a., etc.) are all way to expensive to support the working class, which are mostly immigrants, with old family recipes from small towns. with every other city being so expensive, and chicago still kinda affordable, we're getting a huge bulk of the immigrants moving, and staying here in our great city. and they are bringing with them the hope for a better life through their hard work and labor. which luckily for us sometimes translates into new restaurant owners with great recipes from a foreign land. so we are number one, the first city when it comes to food!!!!! i hope you enjoy my blog, and continue to follow it. i will do my best to entertain you, turn you on to new food types, and show you spots you may not have ever been to before in yer life!!! welcome to "off the eatin path with monte".

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James Harris Jr said...

Good stuff sir! Hope your doing well.