Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Lime Chicken", so says the waitress!

spot: Thai Pastry

food type: guess… Thai

address/info.: 4925 N. Broadway St. 773-784-5399

neighborhood: Uptowns! One of Chicago’s classic neighborhoods

Lime Chicken, so says the waitress.

I tried something new at one of my old spots that I haven’t been to in over a year, and I feel kinda bad about it. I have walked past Thai Pastry so many times goin to my new fave. “Tank”, that I almost forgot how much I used to love eating there.

I rotate through favorite spots like a whore rotates through Johns.

It has been so long since I have been to Thai Pastry, that it felt like a new spot to me. But since I already knew that all my staple meals there are great, I decided to ask the cute waitress what she really likes to eat there. And she told me that if she wasn’t working there, and came in as a customer, she would get the “Lime Chicken.” So I did.

Let me tell ya’, she made the right choice, it was “Monte-licious!” It’s 2 chicken breasts that are breaded and fried, and the breading is kinda like a heavier tempura breading. It’s placed on top of a bed of fried seaweed, which is strangely tasty, next to some shredded carrots. Then it's covered with a sweet lime sauce and tiny, thinly sliced pieces of lime. It is such an interesting taste explosion in yer mouth, that I can’t wait to get back there and order it again.

I almost forgot, they also have excellent sweets, pastries, desserts, and bubble teas. I got the watermelon bubble tea filled with tapioca, and we got honey, custard cake. "Monte-licious!"


Thee Erin said...

That waitress was top shelf. She answered as if you had asked, "Hey if you were sitting here and I was the person taking your order, what would you eat?" 'Cept you didn't have to ask in those terms - she already knew what you meant.

I want to go back and give her a flower or something for being so intuitive and cool.

danny said...

You cant go wrong with a schnitzel.