Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Nawaz Stands alone.

spot: ghareeb nawaz
address: 2032 W. Devon Ave. it's the furthest east, and last indian restaurant in that direction. that' why the nawaz stands alone!!!
food type: indian/pakistani
neighborhood: it’s o.k.

where the food is as good as the place is filthy (it's actually not that dirty anymore, but i still dig the title)

let me tell you if you love indian/pakistani food, or even if you just "like"indian/pakistani food, you’re gonna love this spot. it’s not a buffet but that’s o.k. nothing on the menu is over $4.50, and it's only one item. most of the food is between $2.00-$4.00 and they give servings that could feed two to three people in one dish, or just me. so even if you don’t know exactly what you like chances are you’re only gonna spend $3.00 anyway, versus the $7.00 - $9.00 buffet. and you will still have left overs. i still love buffets, but i love to eat inexpensively too yo. anyway...
on with the food. there are so many things to choose from at ghareeb nawaz and they’re all so good that i’m only gonna focus on a few things.
the chicken bryiani is a great dish. it is chicken cooked with a basmati rice(that’s the orange & yellow rice that tastes soo good) flavored with saffron(saffron? where else can you eat a meal with saffron in it?) and other great spices. this meal is only $4.00. and no joke, you get anywhere from 2-4 pounds of food on your plate. seriously. it even come in a metal military style plate. whish is concerning but hey!
also, chana masala: chick peas cooked with spices. sounds simple and it is, simply “Monte-Riffic!” this meal is only $3.00, i say meal because a single serving of this keeps you full for at least 3-4 hours. maybe 2.
next, gyros paratha: chunks of deliciously seasoned, fried gyros meat served on the metal military type tray with onions and a yogurt sauce. this also comes with a huge piece of paratha, which is a fried bread that i prefer to naan and it’s the size of a medium pizza all for only $2.50.
the prices are so good here you might wanna hug & kiss me just because you saved so much money. as for the spot, it is very genuine, they actually have a prayer room in the back(where i believe they’re praying for my death) and most people eat with their hands which i prefer anyway(i’m an animal). and yes the place is pretty filthy but believe me when i say the flavor is as strong as the filth.
now you have a great place to get a good meal at a good deal. you’ve just stepped “off the eatin path with monte”

side note: i have to credit kumail nanjiani for turning me onto this place, he said "do you wanna get food that's down n' dirty?", you know what i said.


DBC said...

doesn't that place translate to "Poor House"?
I've heard it's good from a few sources now.

Monte said...

i believe so, and i think alpana singh told me that.