Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mr. D's!!!!! if you don't know, it's time you do!!!!

spot: Mr. D's Shish Kabob
food type: Kabobs and char grilled sandwiches
address/neighborhood: 6656 w. diversey ave. (by the brickyard mall yo!) 773-637-0042

Mr.D’s steak sandwiches and more(not much)

Mr.D’s, a true Chicago treasure in my opinion.
This is a grilled sandwich delight on Diversey and Normandy, northeast corner(far west).
Mr.D is a greek guy with a ton of personality and a very distinguishable voice(he always sounds horse) who has been running his sandwich shop for over 30 years now in the exact same location using all the exact same food since I was kid.
I know this cause my cousins live right by there and we used to go there all the time when we had the munchies.
Mr.D was the best because he would give my cousins credit a lot, and if he was closing when we called he would leave food for us on the doorstep and we could pay him later, that’s kool.
Anyway the food. Almost everything there is either char grilled or deep fried to golden perfection like his fresh cut fries.
The steak sandwich here is one of the best ribeye sandwiches in town (actually I still have’nt had one better). It’s a nice healthy piece of meat that is grilled just right every time and seasoned to perfection thrown in a soft french roll. The key to the sandwich though is the grilled onions, you gotta ask for them or he’ll give it to ya’ just with raw onions and tomatoes(which is also good but not the true way). The grilled onions are prepared earlier in the day and man are they good. He grills em’ up and lets them soak in a seasoned homemade marinade, it is so damn good. He also makes great shish-kabobs and burgers that are so good you’ll wanna punch someone in the gut outta joy. His chili is great and I usually don’t like chili. He also has very good hot dogs and like I said before fresh cut fries. I gotta tell ya’ it’s worth the drive just for the onions on the steak sandwich, I actually get the onions on everything even the fries, but man they make you gassy like bologna. So go there and check it out one day you will be very happy you did. By the way it’s not the sharpest looking place but it’s a diamond as for the flavor. MONTE-RIFFIC! 773-637-0042

side note: mr. d used to hook my cousins up with good deals, and leaving food for us at the front door after he would close, but one of my cousins had to rob a bank, and go to prison. i lost my D hook up. now i get treated like any other jamoke.

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The Warehouse said...

Thank you Monte! I ate there for the first time yesterday. Awesome!! I love places with small menu's, the food is always fresher and tastier!! I had the steak sandwich, and will have another one today for a snack on my way home.