Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cuban Steak Sandwich Yo!!!!!!!! Yer goona love it!

Cuban Goodness!
spot: marianao no.1 (is the attached image)& no.2
address: no.1 2246 n. milwaukee, no.2 4825 w. armitage
type of food: cuban
neighborhood(s): pretty shady

i went to meet some buddies for lunch the other day at marianaos no.2. now i have been to going to marianaos since i was a kid at it’s original location on armitage near kedzie(which burned down in the early 90’s then relocated to milwaukee ave.) for the best cuban sandwiches in the city. i now frequent no.1 on milwaukee ave. but i have never been to the their newest location no.2 back on armitage nor have i ever tried the cuban steak sandwich. so this was a first for me, the cuban steak sandwich and the new location.
let me tell ya’ when i first walked in i was a little worried cause it didn't look as authentic as marianaos no.1 , which is filthy and always packed with thug types(like the original when i was a kid). this spot(marianaos no.2) was clean and had stools to sit on and the clientele appeared not ready to kill people at the drop of a dime, so of course i was worried.
but i have faith cause as far as the cuban sandwiches go they have never once let me down in over 15 years. so i ordered a steak sandwich with only grilled onions.
wow! it was awesome. it is thinly sliced skirt steak that is deep fried, that’s right deep fried. i did’nt say it was good for your health but i do admit it is good for your taste buds. so while they’re deep frying your steak they are toasting your bun, 6-8 inches of fresh french bread on a grill. as soon as the steak is ready they slap on the grilled bun, lightly salt it and smother it with maxwell street style grilled onions, tomatoes and cheese(which i skip the cheese and tomatoes, lactose problems & i’m not a big tomatoe fan).
the steak and onion juice absorb into the bun making it mushy on the inside and crunchy from the grill on the outside MONTE-RIFFIC! this sandwich will kill you with joy like i will kill you if you say anything bad about it.
you gotta check this spot out on that one day you allow yourself to eat whatever you want to. they have two spots no.1 on milwaukee ave. just southeast of armitage and no.2 on armitage just west of cicero so it’s kinda convenient.
last but not least, of course it’s a good meal at good deal, the cuban steak sandwich clock’s in under $4.00 even for the double stuffed(which i recommend) enjoy.

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